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Corporate Social Responsibility

Is an ethical ideology or theory that an entity, be it an organization or individual, has an obligation to act to benefit society at large. This responsibility can be passive, by avoiding engaging in socially harmful acts, or active, by performing activities that directly advance social goals. Hi-Bond Cement is highly committed about its responsibility towards the society and the environment.

Health Care & Safety

We Believe In Strength through Safety

We at Hi-Bond group are committed towards the Health & Safety of people. The OH&S Management System is an integral part of the organization’s activities. OH&S duties and aspects are dealt with top most priority. The development and promotion of safe work culture among the employees is followed in a structured manner. The compliances with applicable legal and other requirements are maintained at 100%. The continuous cycle of Plan, Do, Check & Act is observed for benchmarking, evaluation and determining controls for organisation’s OH&S Performance.

We strive for zero risk of accidents, injuries and occupational illnesses by emphasizing on prevention.

A statistical approach towards the evaluation and control of risks is adopted. The occupational health of the employees is continuously monitored for assessing the health conditions. Our OH&S performance have been recognised and identified by many certifying / rewarding agencies. Hi-Bond Cement Manufacturing Units are certified with ISO 9001, collectively known as Integrated Management System (IMS). The standards govern the Quality, Environment and OH&S aspects of our activities.

Our Motto “Work for Quality, Safety, Health & Environment

  • To comply with all applicable Legal & other requirements
  • To continually improve our Quality, Safety, Health & Environment performance
  • To prevent, reduce & control pollution, incidents & health problems in all our activities

Our Endeavour is

  • To enhance customer satisfaction
  • To conserve natural resources
  • To reduce / control emissions & wastes
  • To ensure operational safety & reduce risk to people and environment
  • To achieve improvement through training and involvement of employees, contractors and interested parties
  • To live our Indradhanush Values
  • To achieve National and International recognition for our performance